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For Restaurants

Restaurant owners and managers….

It’s time to offer your customers a high quality vegan gf pizza crust and replace that pale white tasteless crust with a fresh, clean label, allergy free, true thin pizza crust.  

Gluten free pizza crust developed 20-30 years ago will no longer do. Your patrons know there are better options in the market and want their local restaurants to start carrying better tasting products with clean label easy to recognize ingredients! This means no more ultra-thin, frozen, pale, tasteless gf pizza crust that constantly break and look unappetizing when baked.  

If you are not currently serving a gf pizza or other products, you are missing major revenue.  Those who need to or choose to eat gluten free or have other dietary restrictions will generally be the person who chooses those restaurants who can serve them and their family and friends.

Why you should use our vegan gf pizza crust! 

It’s Fresh. Still Riding Foods crust is made to order daily, vacuum sealed for freshness and refrigerated.  You will always receive fresh pizza crust with a guaranteed shelf life of 7 weeks from the production date. Every crust is labeled with “Best By” date. This makes it easy for restaurant staff to monitor and rotate stock.  If necessary, the crust can be frozen to extend the self-life by 4 months but freezing can make the product brittle

Why fresh versus frozen? Fresh crust means our crust stays flexible and is not subject to the typical breakage that you receive with frozen products. If you consider the loss in breakage alone, you could be offering a better tasting, healthier gluten free crust that stays flexible!  Fresh means an easier product to handle and better overall bake and taste.  

Texture and taste. Our crust gets CRISPY. Most people agree that the taste and texture of our crust is like a traditional pizza crust. Not like a cracker. This is due to the abundant amount of yeast we use and how we let our dough rise to the perfect height before baking.  They will also rise again when you bake them. There are very few gf crusts on the market that will do that.

Allergen Free Still Riding Foods crust is completely allergen free, vegan, kosher and non gmo. Our ingredients are clean, and the recipe is simple. This is very important to customers who eat gluten free or choose to eat healthier. 

Free Marketing to our restaurant partners. Still Riding Foods does more than just manufacture gluten free products. We assist our restaurant partners in selling and producing safe gluten free pizza. We provide free marketing tools such as posters, table tents, brochures, stickers, and advertising through social media. When we partner with a restaurant, they are added to a restaurant locator on our website, which is a great resource for customers to find who is offering Still Riding Foods crust.

Distribution Still Riding Foods gf pizza crust and pizzas are distributed through many major and smaller distributors.  We also self-distribute in the event your distributor does not carry our products.  We will ship directly to your door. Email for a list of participating distributors. 

Ordering is easy- Our admin will set up the best time to call or text you weekly. This means we only contact you at the most convenient time and you can respond when you have a moment.  A great reminder to check your inventory so you do not run out of gf products.


All this and the best service from a company that has been making gluten free pizza crust for over 15 years!  We guarantee the quality of our products.  If there are any issues, we are quick to resolve them. 

Contact Kevin today at for product info, point of sales material, pricing and samples.